Union of Reform Judaism for Latin America

UJR - AmLat



Union of Reform Judaism – Latin America

The Union of Reform Judaism for Latin America (UJR-AmLat) gathers Jewish congregations in Latin America that focus their practices on respect for human rights, pluralism, equality, inclusion, social justice, caring for the planet and the study of Jewish tradition and culture.
The Union of Reform Judaism encompasses all reformist, liberal, reconstructionist denominations and any Jewish tendency that adheres and respects the values contained in the "Declaration of principles of the UJR-AmLat".
Progressive Judaism understands that Halakhah (Jewish law) is not a set of norms frozen in time but is part of a process that requires constant evaluation and that is influenced by the present and the world that surround us.

UJR-AmLat Mission

The UJR-AmLat mission is to promote the global mission of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ - World Union for Progressive Judaism) in Latin America, carrying out all the activities that are considered appropriate, and in particular the activities required to a regional organization formed under the constitution of the WUPJ.
The UJR-AmLat aims to promote the approach of Progressive Judaism in Latin America, the world and Israel by strengthening the Jewish communities. The UJR-AmLat seeks to integrate Jewish tradition and modern life reality; we believe in each individual right to establish their Jewish practice based on a process of study and reflection that makes Judaism relevant and meaningful in the daily life of each one.

A little of history

The UJR-AmLat was officially formed on December 6, 2009 at the Leaders Regional Conference of Progressive Communities in Córdoba (Argentina), but it had already begun to gather strength at the beginning of the year 2000, thanks to the impulse of a volunteers group from the Yad B'Yad organization of the United States WUPJ who had visited the region countries.
The main concern of that time was the vulnerability of the Jewish communities of Argentina, which was going through a serious social, economic and political crisis. The embryo of the organization was conceived in 2002 in San Pablo, by activists from liberal communities of Brazil, who chose that city as the regional headquarters of the organization.