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01 June 2019

Choice, Words, and Judaism – Shavuot and Celebrating Ruth

  • By: Rabina Lillian Kowalski

When we take on the responsibility of receiving the Torah, we continually take on the onus of becoming and being Jewish.

02 May 2019 Reform' Archive

Progressive Bereshit: The Pittsburgh Platform

In 1885, a score of progressive rabbis, led by Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler, laid the foundations of the reform movement in the United States. Among other definitions, they declared their commitment to social action, the compatibility between Jewish tradition and science and they eliminated the kashrut and the ritual use of the kippa.

01 September 2017 Devarim

The danger of inmobility

  • Roberto Graetz

The history of Judaism experiences a continuous movement of creation and re-creation. Otherwise, Judaism would have become a fossil and would be a mere subject of study in History books.

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11 July 2019 Reform' Archive

Columbus: the expression of progressive Zionism

The second principles’ declaration of the reform Jewish movement of the United States of 1937 was a peace message to the planet that was entering World War II. Also was a call to contribute with the construction of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and the promotion of a strong identification with the religious practice.

15 May 2019 Annual cycle

Sefirat haOmer and the new chaguim in Israel

  • Diego Edelberg

The Jewish calendar incorporated Yom haShoah, Yom haAtzmaut and Yom haZikaron: how should we celebrate those dates outside Israel?

15 May 2019 Devarim

Release Devarim 38

Devarim magazine #38 was in the mail for its subscribers before Pesach. One of the themes of the magazine is the analysis of the work of the late Israeli writer Amos Oz, a major figure in the formation of modern Zionist thought.

29 April 2019 Satement

A new attack, the same violence

Pittsburgh, Christchurch, Sri Lanka, San Diego and many others that are repeated are not isolated events but different expressions of the same hatred.

23 April 2019 Statement

UJR-AmLat repudiates the attacks in Sri Lanka

We must renew the steps in the path of dialogue and the construction of bridges to promote and uphold the principles of respect and pluralism, indispensable for life in society.

08 April 2019 Join in Brasil or Argentina

Why join ARZENU today?

  • Daniel Weiss Vilhordo

One of the challenges we have today is to identify how to continue contributing for the building of a Jewish and democratic state, being Zionists Jews in the diaspora.

08 April 2019 UJR-AmLat, you are at home

You are welcome

The Union for Reform Judaism for Latin America is the regional chapter of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the most developed Jewish movement in the world that focuses its practices on the Jewish tradition, on respect for human rights, pluralism, equality and inclusion.

08 April 2019 Reform' Archive

Back to Egypt to recover freedom

Towards the end of the Twentieth Century, American progressive began to take creative paths to recover the family and communitarian experience of the Passover Seder that had been neglected from the lives of most Jews.

02 April 2019 About persecution and massacres

What Mitzraim Oppresses you?

  • Rogério Cukierman

Passover teaches us not to give up any cause: to fight for our survival as we seek a world with more justice.

27 March 2019

Purim for Feminists...

  • Rab. Naamah Kelman

Vashti the Queen is banished for refusing to serve the King at a drunken boys’ party. Then the new Queen is chosen by participating in a “Beauty” pageant. What could possibly be feminist about Purim, which is not meant to be taken too seriously anyway?

27 March 2019 Statement

The danger of silence

The central institutions of reformist Judaism repudiate the appearance of posters with threats to the life of Rabbi Sergio Bergman.

01 March 2019 Devarim

The Limits of Inclusion

  • Raul Cesar Gottlieb

Cultural isolation is, however, a striking feature of totalitarian regimes. In contrast, free circulation and expression of ideas and information is one of the hallmarks of democratic regimes.

01 January 2019 Tu Bishvat

Trees as lives years

  • Sergio Bergman

In the face of the challenges related to climate change and the reaction of nature to our neglected desecration, nothing is wiser in our time than reflecting again on how wise our tradition is that it has established a time for us to connect with the earth and our dependence vital with a natural cycle

11 July 2018 Statement

Judaism and ambilineality

Without difference, women and men are images of the divine. We consider a Jew to be anyone who, being the son of a Jewish father and / or mother, lives a Jewish life and identifies himself as such. Also, who chooses to be and goes through the corresponding process.

01 May 2017 Devarim

Halakhah, Responsa, and Reform Judaism

  • Rabino Mark Washofsky

Does halakhah, the tradition of Jewish law, play a role in the religious life of Reform Judaism? I believe that halakhah is and always has been an essential part of Reform Jewish religious life and that its importance to us will only increase