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Devarim is the magazine of liberal Judaism in Brazil. It is published quarterly by the ARI -Associação Religiosa Israelita- of Rio de Janeiro, gathering contemporary perceptions about the Judaism of Brazilian and international authors, in texts produced especially for the readers of the magazine. Devarim demonstrates that there is a generation of Jewish content, original and creative, in our region.

15 May 2019

Release Devarim 38

Devarim magazine #38 was in the mail for its subscribers before Pesach. One of the themes of the magazine is the analysis of the work of the late Israeli writer Amos Oz, a major figure in the formation of modern Zionist thought.

01 March 2019

The Limits of Inclusion

Cultural isolation is, however, a striking feature of totalitarian regimes. In contrast, free circulation and expression of ideas and information is one of the hallmarks of democratic regimes.

01 September 2017

The danger of inmobility

The history of Judaism experiences a continuous movement of creation and re-creation. Otherwise, Judaism would have become a fossil and would be a mere subject of study in History books.

01 May 2017

Halakhah, Responsa, and Reform Judaism

Does halakhah, the tradition of Jewish law, play a role in the religious life of Reform Judaism? I believe that halakhah is and always has been an essential part of Reform Jewish religious life and that its importance to us will only increase