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Asociación Judía Reformista de Guatemala Adat Israel

Asociación Judía Reformista de Guatemala Adat Israel

We are a Reform Jewish community in Guatemala City, being formed by around 30 people, our community has more cultures that just the one of our own country.

The services are led by our own members, encouraging a learning and responsible environment for prayers. Our Rabbi is in Canada, but we are in contact throughout the year.

We have received wonderful visitors including Rabbis for some Jewish festivals and special occasions. We can mention: Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Rabbi Lucy Dinner. Rabbi Marla Feldman, Rabbi Hillel Atias, Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder, Rabbi Lea Kroll, Rabbi Diana Lynn, Rabbi Claudio Kogan among others, who have committed an important role in the formation and growth of this community.