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Reubén Nisenbom



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Reubén Nisenbom

Rabbi Nisenbom has a long career in the ecumenical field, in the recognition and integration of differently abled people into society, and in the pastoral field as a recognized and respected counselor and spiritual advisor for Jews and non-Jews in crisis situations, personal or family emotional conflicts, as well as in the orientation to Interfeith marriages and spiritual accompaniment to terminally ill, among other tasks, as part of his rabbinic, educational, Jewish and spiritual intense activity.

He studied within the framework of conservative Judaism, where he obtained his rabbinic ordination, but he is affiliated since many years ago to the Central Conference of American Rabbis, thus being including in the ranks of reform Judaism.

Within the reform movement he also identifies with the neomistic movement, based on the Kabalah, the ideas of Martin Buber's dialogue and the existential philosophy of Hasidism.

When he founded Mishkan in 1992 with a group of students, he sought the development of a humanistic, spiritual and transcendent Judaism, for a richer sense of belonging and a deeper experience of meaning given by the millenary Jewish heritage.

He is also Rector Emeritus of the Instituto Iberoamericano de Formación Rabínica Reformista.