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Adrián Fada



Adrián Fada

Rabbi graduated from the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano and the Schechter Institute of Jerusalem. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources. He graduated from the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, UMSA. He worked as a Seminarian, Community Development. Community School Arlene Fern. Director of Juventud Judaica and Director of Youth in the Benei Tikva Community. He was Rosh Jinuj of the Tnua Noam-Marom, Masorti Movement.

He was Merakez of the Lomdim Educational Program and coordinator of the Jof-esh Project, non-formal Jewish education at the Benei Tikva Community. He was a Seminarian in the Jerusalem Community and the Asociación Israelita of Cochabamba, Bolivia for the Iamim Noraim and holidays. He graduated of the Shoah Seminary in Yad Vashem. He is currently Rabbi of Judaica Belgrano, the Arlene Fern Community School and the NCI-Emanu El community.

He is married to Johana and together they have two children, Sheina and Ianiv.