UJR-AMLAT statements

UJR - AmLat

15 May 2019

Welcome Beth El Congregation, São Paulo!

Being one of the oldest Congregations in Latin America preserves its history and traditions and embraces the community of São Paulo promoting a current, inclusive and pluralistic Judaism.

29 April 2019

A new attack, the same violence

Pittsburgh, Christchurch, Sri Lanka, San Diego and many others that are repeated are not isolated events but different expressions of the same hatred.

27 March 2019

The danger of silence

The central institutions of reformist Judaism repudiate the appearance of posters with threats to the life of Rabbi Sergio Bergman.

01 March 2019

New communities - CIPAPI

The UJR-AmLat was approved the affiliation of the Congregação Israelita Capixaba (CIPAPI) to the regional reform movement

11 July 2018

Judaism and ambilineality

Without difference, women and men are images of the divine. We consider a Jew to be anyone who, being the son of a Jewish father and / or mother, lives a Jewish life and identifies himself as such. Also, who chooses to be and goes through the corresponding process.