“From the Holocaust to Liberation” – photo exhibition opens in Fortaleza by the Sociedade Israelita do Ceará

In a poignant and powerful demonstration of remembrance, the Sociedade Israelita do Ceará (SIC), a community linked to UJR-AmLat, in a joint action with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Ceará and the Confederação Israelita do Brasil (CONIB), inaugurated the photographic exhibition “From the Holocaust to Liberation” at the MPCE Cultural Space in the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza, at the beginning of September. The exhibition brings together 160 photographs and historical documents dating back to the period of the Shoah. 


This collection of images, selected with meticulous care, serves as a stark reminder of the atrocities committed during one of the darkest periods in human history. This exhibition is not just a display of art; it is a call to action. Open to the whole of society and with a focus on school audiences, the exhibition aims to bring home the need for a social commitment to combat prejudice, discrimination and hatred wherever they arise. 


Speaking to CONIB, SIC President André Fleischman stated the importance of this exhibition as a way of educating and bringing together the sentiment of society at large towards empathy between peoples and the protection of diversity. “This exhibition is part of SIC’s mission to show, warn and educate society in general about the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis. Hence its eminently educational nature, aimed more at schools as a way of creating citizens who are aware of the dangers involved in totalitarian regimes (…).”


“From Holocaust to Liberation” is a moving testimony to the power of photography and the enduring importance of remembering the horrors of the Holocaust. It challenges us to acknowledge the past, confront the present and shape a future free from the horrors of prejudice.


Photographic exhibition “From the Holocaust to Liberation” 


Period: September 4 to October 30, 2023 


Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


Location: MPCE Espaço Cultural (Av. Gen. Afonso Albuquerque Lima, 130 Bairro Cambeba, Fortaleza) 


Admission: Free 


Age recommendation: 14 years 


Open to the public

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