UJR-AmLat en el Connections 2021

Confere las participaciones de personas de nuestra regional en el Connections 2021, la conferencia mundial de la World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ).

Rabino Sergio Bergman
STATEMENT | The WUPJ Stands with Israel https://youtu.be/HR5HutJecIA
SESSION: Jewish Citizenship | Israelis by Choice https://youtu.be/GyFpMYh9jMg
SESSION | ZOOM: Rabbi Sergio Bergman – Talk Back (Israeli’s by Choice) https://youtu.be/1YbSESxTJYo
SESSION | PREMIER EVENT: Rabbi Bergman’s Vision for the WUPJ https://youtu.be/wCnjQsJ2V9Y
SESSION | ZOOM: Rabbi Sergio Bergman – Talk Back (Vision of WUPJ) https://youtu.be/81F3y36xLqQ
Greatest Music of All Time Podcast with Tom Cridland | Interview with Rabbi Sergio Bergman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5-4QSOPqjU

Miriam Vasserman: SESSION | ZOOM: Saltz Alumni Pre-Conference https://youtu.be/59pOTbIPfto

Fernando Lottenberg: SESSION: Antisemitism – Where in the World Are We? https://youtu.be/rCOy-G6ruPQ

Rabino Ruben Sternschein: SESSION: From Messianism to Tikun | Reform Visions of a Better Future for the Self and Humanity https://youtu.be/g4cmohTzVC4

Rabino Damian Karo: SESSION: Progressive Halakhah https://youtu.be/VzPpFND0dkE

SESSION | ZOOM: Shacharit – Latin American Adult B’nei Mitzvah Service https://youtu.be/vDZHt5EYJVw

Daniel Weiss e Pablo Schejtman: SESSION | ZOOM: Comunidades en Tiempos de COVID-19: Desafíos y Propuestas https://youtu.be/qc_r3cYXVV8

Sessão Informal: SESSION | ZOOM: Central American/Caribbean Communities https://youtu.be/Z-JGew5VGsQ

SESSION: Kabbalat Shabbat Service (North & South America) https://youtu.be/NTt-brJ61gQ

SESSION: Shacharit Service (North & South America) https://youtu.be/vThFUTCg8Pw

SESSION: Torah Study with Rabbi Roberto Graetz https://youtu.be/hsNUHCv3vRs

SESSION: Torah Study with Student Rabbi Andrea Kulikovsky https://youtu.be/-6qhz6Hye_Q