UJR-AmLat, you are at home The Union for Reform Judaism for Latin America is the regional chapter of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the most developed Jewish movement in the world that focuses its practices on the Jewish tradition, on respect for human rights, pluralism, equality and inclusion. You are welcome Read Article Slide Reform' Archive Columbus: the expression of progressive Zionism The second principles’ declaration of the reform Jewish movement of the United States of 1937 was a peace message to the planet that was entering World War II. Also was a call to contribute with the construction of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and the promotion of a strong identification with the religious practice. Read Article Slide With the participation of Professor Joshua Holo, dean of the Los Angeles HUC-JIR, students from the Rabbinical Institute from five countries met to advance their training as future spiritual leaders of the Ibero-American communities. Meeting of rabbinic students in São Paulo Kinus
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UJR-AmLat, você está na sua casa
A União do Judaísmo Reformista para a América Latina é o capítulo regional da World Union for Progressive Judaism, o movimento judeu de maior desenvolvimento no mundo que centraliza suas práticas na tradição judaica, Você é bem-vinda, você é bem-vindo
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Find out everything that happens in the communities and institutions making up the Union for Reform Judaism in Latin America network


The UJR-AmLat is the regional arm of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the most globally widespread Jewish movement on the planet.

You and your community can join us.


Communities are built with work, time and economic resources. Your contribution is vital for Reform Judaism growth in Latin America.


UJR-AmLat is already present in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru. Find your nearest Reform community.


Institutions affiliated to UJR-AmLat are led by rabbis and spiritual leaders that help the spiritual, cultural and intellectual development of those who require it. Meet them and get in touch with them.

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Study and teach, learn and pass on: Jewish life and community construction make us focus on the text, the word and the debate from generation to generation.

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