Installation ceremony for Rabbi Martín Hirsch takes place at the historic Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curaçao

At the historic Mikvé Israel-Emanuel synagogue in Curaçao, a moment of great significance was witnessed with the installation of Rabbi Martín Hirsch as the congregation’s spiritual leader. 

Founded exactly 350 years ago, the synagogue has been a beacon of Jewish faith and culture that has undergone several changes in its religious practice over the centuries, and has been affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism since 1964. Now, with the admission of Rabbi Hirsch, the synagogue is set to embark on a new chapter of its journey.

The decision to admit Rabbi Hirsch is a reflection of a process of deep reflection within the congregation about the role of religious leadership and the evolving spiritual needs of its members. With an inclusive and contemporary approach to Reform Judaism, Rabbi Hirsch brings with him a wealth of experience in religious education, ritual practice and community engagement.

His admission was greeted with a mixture of enthusiasm and reverence from members of the congregation. The installation ceremony took place on Shacharit Shabbat, March 16 (6 Adar II), with current and former synagogue leaders present to welcome the new rabbi.

Rabbi Hirsch expressed deep gratitude for the trust placed in him and for the privilege of leading such a distinguished congregation. He shared his vision of strengthening community ties, promoting religious education and providing a welcoming space for all synagogue members.

As the oldest functioning synagogue in the Americas opens its doors to this exciting new chapter, it remains a living symbol of the resilience and continuity of the Jewish faith in the Diaspora. The installation of Rabbi Hirsch is more than just an appointment; it is a powerful reminder of the Jewish community’s ability to adapt and flourish, while maintaining its rich heritage and cultural identity. 

UJR-AmLat congratulates the congregation on its decision and Rabbi Hirsch on his new stage in his trajectory as a Jewish spiritual leader, bringing the light of an inclusive and meaningful Judaism to our region.

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