Arzenu is the umbrella organization of the reform and progressive religious Zionists.


Founded in 1980 as an “ideological group” or Brit Olamit within the World Zionist Organization, Arzenu has member groups in ten countries and represents the interests of these groups and of Reform and Progressive Judaism all over the world in the government bodies of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Arzenu, as the political voice of the reform movement, acts mainly in the Local Zionist Federations (OSA in Argentina and FSB in Brazil) but it also acts in all the community political estates, allowing the reform Judaism voice to be heard and represented.

In Argentina Arzenu is represented by Ricardo Rotholtz and in Brazil, by Daniel Weiss. During the Regional Meeting in Recife 2018, countries not yet within Arzenu were invited to join a reform front that acts in each country where affiliated communities to our movement are.


Imbue all reformist Jews with a common vision of Jewish people condition and see the Jewish commitment centered on Israel as the Jewish and democratic State inspired by the values of Reform.


  • Provide the political representation of the global Reform movement, in the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency and related institutions, and to support the Jerusalem Program;.Work together with Israel and the Diaspora´s Reform to transform Israeli society according to progressive Zionism values and to be a bridge between these institutions around the world.
  • Transform the reform movement into a movement imbued with love for Israel, and expand and deepen connections between reform Jews inside and outside of Israel, and encourage aliyah.
  • Continue developing and maintaining long-term connections between Israel, and the Diaspora’s reform communities, progressive youth, young adults and adults and institutions to ensure future leadership, support and participation with Israel and Arzenu.
  • Encourage learning and use of Hebrew as a means to create a deeper sense of human condition through our common language.

As it strives to achieve his vision and mission, Arzenu continues to work and strengthen its relationships with Reform global institutions and Israelis. Among them:

  • The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism and the Israel Religious Action Center.
  • The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and its members.
  • Netzer Olami and its member youth organizations.