Book space

A space for young adults, good readers, to meet and share, laugh and grow together, all with the backdrop of Judaism

The book always had an important role in Jewish life, characterising us, thus, as a nation of interpreters. But what does it mean to share from the tradition of Jewish literature? What could be so special in a reading dynamic inspired by Judaism? And in which way could such dynamic be able to enrich our reading experience about themes that are, very often, absolutely secular?

Thinking of these and many other questions about Judaism and literature, we sought to create Sifriá: a virtual community interested in fulfilling the interest on Jewish culture through a debate on books.

How does our community work?
We meet monthly – always on Sundays – to discuss a specific book.
Before each monthly meeting, the members receive a reading file made exclusively for our group, with information on the author and the work, some questions for discussion, supporting texts and, of course, a recipe inspired by the work. After all, wouldn’t this mix of books and good food have been responsible for the preservation of our cultural tradition throughout the centuries?
This, at least, is one of the several hypotheses examined in the first book discussed by our group.
Come be part of the construction of this space with us!
Technical file
  • When: once a month, on Sundays, at 3PM (Brasília Time)
  • Where: Zoom
  • Investment: book of the month
How to participate
Which books have we read?
  • Jews and Words, by Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger
  • Plot Against America, by Philip Roth
  • Diary of the Fall, by Michel Laub
  • A Horse Walks Into A Bar, by David Grossman
  • Lili – novela de um luto, by Noemi Jaffe
  • Waking Lions, by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
  • Happiness, as Such, by Natalia Ginzburg
More content

Beyond the meetings, we have a partnership with the Afinidades Eletivas podcast, in which the Sifriá coordinator Juliana de Albuquerque interviews authors and specialists on the books we read. Check out more on Spotify (in Portuguese).