A new milestone in the history of Ibero-American Institute of Reform Rabbinic Training

The ordination of three new rabbis and the resumption of the Kinusim (face-to-face meetings) give new impetus to the educational and formative task of the Institute.

On May 19, in the Mishkán Community of Buenos Aires, the Reform Beit Din met, headed by Rabbi Roberto Graetz. Three of the students who finished their formal studies in December 2021, presented and defended their final thesis.
Silvia Dorfman, Edy Huberman and Hernán Rustein successfully passed their presentation and with great pride and joy received their Smicha (rabbinical ordination) from the Beit Din.
We are happy and congratulate all the new rabbis and at the same time we want to highlight and congratulate Silvia Dorfman for being the first woman to be ordained a reformist rabbi in Ibero-America.
In turn, on Friday, May 20, the recent rabbis, together with their fellow students from different countries in the region, left for the Kinus, which was held again after more than 2 years of waiting due to the pandemic.
In a six-day meeting, the students were able to study, prepare and develop the ties that will be essential in their future to work together with their colleagues.
Students from Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina gathered at this Kinus. The meeting included the classes of Rabbis Roberto Graetz, Clifford Kulwin, Damián Karo, Diego Elman and the journalist Damián Glanz.
These two events, the smicha of the new Rabbis and the fact of performing the Kinusim again, are a source of pride for the entire reformist Jewish family and commit us all, leaders, professionals and congregants of the UJR-AmLat communities to support and strengthen the work of the Institute with the aim of ensuring Jewish life in the region.

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