A special Sivan: Beit Tikvá in Maringá celebrates affiliation to the Israeli Federation of Paraná and the community’s first Bat Mitzvah ceremony in the same month

The last month was one of great celebration for the emerging and active Reform Jewish community present in the north of the state of Paraná, in the southern region of Brazil. Associação Israelita Norte Paranaense is now part of the Israeli Federation of Paraná, in addition to counting on the help and presence of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael (KKL-Brasil) and the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.

“Our recent recognition by the Israeli Federation of Paraná and consequently by CONIB, proves that with perseverance, love and dedication in building a dream anything can be possible” says Marcela Thomaz, current executive director of Beit Tikvá. “June 3, 2022 (Sivan 4) of this year will go down in our history as the day we received the happy news that our efforts were recognized and we were officially affiliated with and part of the Jewish Federation of our state. Also this month, on the 18th (19th of Sivan), we held the first Bat Mitzvah celebration: our dear Thalya Jardim reached her Jewish majority with great emotion, a fact that represents the renewal of hopes to leave a legacy to the next generations.”

A few days after the community’s recognition by the state federation, Beit Tikva was able to celebrate its first Bat Mitzvah ceremony. With the congregation gathered on a sunny Shabbat day and led by Pablo Schejtman, Thalya Jardim held her first aliyah. According to Thiago Ramari, Hebrew teacher for future bnei mitzvah, the first Bat Mitzvah ceremony is not only a declaration of commitment by Thalya, but by the community itself to keep Judaism alive from generation to generation in the small large community of Maringá. .

“I would like to thank ujr for all the support and my community as well. This bat mitzvah was a unique experience for me, mainly because it was the first bat in Maringá,” says Thalya.

In the words of the executive director: We want Beit Tikvah to continue transmitting Jewish traditions and values, representing Reform Judaism in the region and engaging in Tikun Olam activities.

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