We received some years ago a group of people who came with the interest of becoming Jews. The mission of this Association is to make known what Judaism is about, in a clear, simple and realistic way.

We accept one by one the people who came with this same purpose. They came together 15 adults and 3 children in the course of 4 or 5 years. The study was long, with many sources of information including the book in Spanish by Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, teachings of Rabbi Juan Mejia of Oklahoma, Rabbi Roberto Graetz of the United States and of course Rabina Elyse Goldstein, our volunteer rabbi.

50463090_2072073659545347_3385332139405869056_oThey were about 5 years of study, exchange of ideas, and attendance at Jewish Holidays, Shabbat and everything that our tradition involves. Finally, Rabbi Elyse decided that it was time to travel with a Beit Din to Guatemala to do the final tests. Many activities were coordinated from picking them up at the airport, holding kabala shabbat with them, shacharit of shabbat, listening to each one’s Dvar Torah, answering questions.

The most important thing was the presentation of each one before the Beit Din, where despite studying and knowing a lot about Judaism, the nerves were present all the time , but they sustained the test successfully. The next day the Hatafat Brit was performed for the men and then we went to the Mikveh (ritual bath) to meet the indispensable halachic requirements.

We had a celebration lunch in the city of Antigua, well known for its level of tourism, and returned to the city to celebrate two beautiful Jewish weddings. All the moments lived were really memorable, full of nervousness, joy, satisfaction. Thank you Rabbi Elyse, Rabbi Leah, Rabbi Eliot for your invaluable help to us.