An interreligious monument to Porto Alegre – Rabbi Guershon Kwasniewski

Soon after participating in two years of interreligious studies in the Fellows Program of the NGO KAICIID – Dialogue Centre-, I am bequeathing my final project for the city of Porto Alegre.
It is an interreligious monument, the first in our city, consisting of two hands as a sign of prayer and meditation, supported above the world, in which appear the symbols of many religions and the word peace written in different languages

The monument was held on November 26, in the new Parque Pontal, on the edge of Guaíba.
The artist is Ivone de Fátima Torzeschi, the work was 100% funded by KAICIID. The monument weighs more than 750 kg.
Thank you to the members of the Interreligious Dialogue Group of Porto Alegre for approving my project and the City of Porto Alegre for accepting the monument in a public space.

I am glad to contribute my initiative to the city that welcomed me 27 years ago and this year celebrates its 250th anniversary.

Let us globalize love and peace and join hands as a sign of prayer and meditation for a better world. The Mayor of Porto Alegre, the Mayor of Aldermen, and the Mayor of Guíba were present at the inauguration among other authorities and entrepreneurs.


Rabbi Gueshon Kwasniewski

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