Beit Shirá Israeli – Music School

In an unprecedented initiative, the “Beit Shirá Israeli” music school came to be. A proposal for 12 to 20 year olds, totally free, that opened its doors in August of this year.

The Fundación Judaica took up the challenge of presenting a creative space, of expression of their full spirituality, to children throughout Argentina and Latin America, since the classes are given simultaneously online and in person, at the headquarters of Judaica Belgrano at Arribeños 1308, CABA.

The school offers three specialties: Singing (vocal techniques / the body and the voice), Musical language (harmony, analysis, audio perception and musical notation / ensemble), and Israeli and liturgical music (niggunim, Israeli and liturgical repertoire), lectured by a first-class group of faculty members. Each student can choose the number of specialties they want to take, according to their interests and availability. 

Having previous knowledge isn’t an essential requirement. What is very important is “to have a starting musical and spiritual restlessness”. Desire to sing, to get to know the instruments, and to generate group connections.

A great excitement kickstarted the initiative in all the communities, since it’s a luminous project and a very powerful tool for the whole community. Teacher Marcelo Mogbuilevsky, who is a part of this initiative, affirms that “as artists, it’s necessary to pass the baton to the new generations. This is the moment.”

Offering spaces within Reform Judaism, to celebrate the culture and the art, is a great opportunity to be and make community from our Jewish identity with an universal projection. The music elevates us spiritually with this project reaching all youth, from Judaica, for free and in an inclusive way.

Given the great acceptance this project had, we’re evaluating doubling our efforts for 2022, and incorporating groups for other age ranges – something that was asked about since the beginning.


Whoever wishes to participate can register at or ask for more information at


Let’s make music together!

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