Cycle of Talks “Voices that Inspire”

There’s something characterizes the Jewish community: the ability to “form a community” and to remain united in the face of adversity, understanding that we need one another to multiply moments of happiness and difficulties. 

When the breaking news of the COVID-19 pandemic popped up in Buenos Aires for an indeterminate time, a group of women of Red Judaica joined together convinced that our motivation would be to give other women and men a space to nurture the soul, thus beginning the Cycle of Talks “Voices that Inspire”.

The Talks have been attracting hundreds of people week after week. We had the honor to listen and to learn from our leaders of culture, art, psychology, philosophy, and also leaders of important companies.

Time of challenges and also of opportunities, to redefine the sense of networking and resilience of a group of women who got together to think big and also be able to give, receive and share the best of each other, and also help many people. Starting from the Cycle of Talks and inspiring each other with the voice of our time.

 The group of female leaders of Red Judaica said: Hineni, here we are.


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