Drawing strength, standing in solidarity – Reform Movement in Israel carries out various actions in support of the victims of the conflict

As the conflict in Israel against Hamas continues to affect countless people, the Reform Movement has emerged as a beacon of hope for many of the victims. Between humanitarian support actions and religious services, with a commitment to compassion and social justice, the movement has undertaken various initiatives to alleviate the suffering of those caught up in the war. 


The Reform movement has offered pastoral care to evacuees from the South who have lost so many family members and friends and are facing an unbelievable traumatic experience. The Reform movement has held Shabbat services for these victims. Rabbi Yael Vurgan is constantly visiting the communities that were evacuated. She represents the Shaar Hanegev regional council, whose congregation is suffering tremendously. 


Keren b’Kavod – the Israeli Reform Movement’s Center for Social and Community Activity – has been gathering volunteers and funds to support all the families evacuated from the war zones. In collaboration with authorities and NGO partners, needs are being assessed and plans are being drawn up to send these volunteers and supplies directly to settlements and shelters in the midst of the conflict. Reform congregations across the country are generously offering homes and facilities to their members to provide temporary accommodation.


While the conflict remains a complex and deep-rooted issue, the Reform Movement’s actions offer a glimmer of hope for the victims. Its multi-faceted approach, focusing on humanitarian aid and advocacy, underlines its commitment to responding to the diverse needs of those affected by the war. In the face of adversity, the Reform Movement is a testament to the enduring power of compassion and the potential for positive change.


In addition to the humanitarian aid taking place in person in Israel, it is possible to help the Reform Movement’s actions in Israel even when you are in Brazil. Help IMPJ (Movement for Progressive Judaism in Israel) projects financially to support the victims of the conflict in Israel. Your financial help will be used for immediate needs, informal educational programs, childcare, elderly care and mental health counseling for the victims. The WUPJ (World Union of Progressive Judaism) is committed to contributing the first $10,000 to the fund, which is intended to meet Israel’s needs today and in the coming weeks and months. Visit reform.org.il/en/resilience-2023/ to donate today!

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