Dreams come true – A new Torah for CICAPI (Brazil)

Dreams come true – A new Torah for CICAPI

07 years ago a small group of Jews, residing in Espírito Santo (Brazil), decided to think about something that, at that moment, seemed unthinkable: to formalize a Jewish community in Vitória. Even though the idea might sound absurd, that small group already felt it was time. We had decided that, even when we were small, we had an enormous responsibility: to keep the flame of Judaism burning in our region.

From the first moment, we received the unconditional support of Revital Poleg who was the General Representative of the Jewish Agency in Brazil. After paying us a visit, in a very provocative (and assertive) way, she threw us the responsibility and, from that moment, we knew that it was not possible to go back. With the support already won and from CONIB, we started to walk a path of hard work. Creating a community is a very serious thing and we wanted to be seen in a serious and respectful way. And so, we knew the road would be long, but we wanted to get there.

Over time, we gained strength. We rented a small space, did Chaguim, Shabatot, participated in seminars, but we didn’t have a “heart”. We had everything needed for a Kehilah to function, but a Sefer Torah was missing.
On this walk, we received the news that the Centro Israelita Porto-Alegrense would lend us a Torah for a while. At that moment we were sure that the dreamed day would come, even if it seemed something very far from our reality.
Well, the time has come. With the unconditional support of Raul Gottlieb, of Andrew Keene (who built the bridge), Andrea Kulikovsky (who brought the Torah from London) and the UJR, we managed, through The Memorial Scrolls Trust project, to make the dream come true and it is with great joy that I invite, on behalf of CICAPI, all our friends from the UJR to write it down on their agenda and come celebrate with us, on June 16, the realization of this great dream.

There is still much to be done. And as Gonzaguinha sang:

“Yesterday a boy who was playing told me
Today is the seed of tomorrow
To not be afraid that this time will pass
Don’t despair and don’t stop dreaming
Never surrender, always be born with the mornings
Let the sunlight shine in the sky of your eyes
Faith in life, faith in man, faith in what will come
We can do it all, we can do more
Let’s go do what will be”

Douglas Miranda – President of CICAPI

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