Ester y Su Merced – A bet by Fundación Judaica to explain the Purim story to children in a meaningful way

Have you ever wondered how a community initiative comes about? The answer to this question opens up an almost infinite range of possibilities, as many as we can think of. The book “Esther y su merced” was born out of a conversation in the Judaica Norte team. The initial idea was to prepare a play, one of the many that are performed on Purim to bring the story of Esther and the meaning of this day closer to the little ones in our communities.

The search for a text that would convey the values of the holiday and speak the language of the children culminated in the creation of a poem that can be read before bedtime and performed with friends, in synagogue or at school. The next step was a conversation in which the illustrator, David Salcedo, volunteered his skills, showing us how it is possible to strengthen the fabric of the community. In addition to him, Lore also generously joined the project, providing the resources necessary to edit and publish the text. The community committee, as well as the entire Fundación Judaica team, reached out with enthusiasm and excitement. Thus – racing against the clock – was produced the book that we are pleased to present to you.

You can purchase it for your families, schools and communities by clicking here.

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