On June 8, twenty participants of the UJR-AmLat Bat and Bar mitzvah course with their partners from São Paulo, Maringá, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Maceió accepted the invitation for a very special lunch at rabbi Ruben’s house. On the occasion, each one expressed the motivations that made them to realize in adult life to choose such a unique course. Their moving story had as a common point the encounter with Judaism.

Our goal is that at the conclusion of the program culminating with the Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremony in May 2020, each of these students will be able to contribute to the development of a more meaningful Judaism in their communities.

“The course is incredible … A whirlwind of knowledge, the interactive relationship with the group by Internet is a very pleasant surprise. The lecturers are kindling my hunger for knowledge. I feel that I belong more and more to a new place as a Jew.” 

Tina Tigre, Rio de Janeiro

“I am taking the opportunity to study Judaism, its traditions and nuances, reviewing concepts from a mature and critical perspective. We could call it a reconnection.” 

Gisela Vaiboim Resnitzky, Rio de Janeiro

“The Bat/Bar mitzvah program also welcomes those who have been part of this ceremony in the past, but are looking for an immersion into several Jewish themes as adults… It is a unique experience using the Reform Jewish light.” 

Walter Strebinger, São Paulo

“I was Bat Mitzvah at 12 years old… and now, I am back to a bat mitzvah program… I am discovering that to rethink our spiritual coming of age as an is important; I am living the changes in my personal unchanging Jewish tradition. New teachers, old and new Jewish fonts, lots of new knowledge; a new version of oneself under Jewish optics.” 

Rivy Plapler Tarandach, Maringá