Historic Curacao synagogue hires Chilean Rabbi Martin Hirsch to be its religious leader

This year 2023, the historic Mikvé Israel-Emanuel congregation of Curaçao, which dates back almost 400 years, signed a three-year contract with one of the rabbis trained at the Instituto Rabínico Reformista. Rabbi Martin Hirsch, born in Concepción, Chile, served as interim rabbi in July of this year. But the connection with the community was strong to the point that, within a few months, they had a contract signed for a few more years. Below is an excerpt from an article published by the congregation itself about the hiring of Rab Hirsch:

“As we concluded our search for a permanent spiritual leader for our Congregation, it became clear that Rabbi Hirsch was the perfect spiritual leader to guide our congregation over the next 3 years. He is very knowledgeable about Judaism and loves sharing this knowledge, while getting to know the faithful better by teaching workshops. In person, over Zoom, it doesn’t matter! He’s very friendly and his enthusiasm for Judaism is contagious.”

We congratulate and wish the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel congregation a period of great enrichment in its activities with the presence of Rabbi Hirsch. Mazal tov!

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