A year ago we officially launched a journey towards a collective dream,  composed by several individual dreams. The utopian dream of creating a rabbinical school to educate Reform rabbis and…..  within their own Ibero-American communities; the dream of various individuals to become spiritual leaders of their communities and to work for their intellectual growth; the dream of community leaders to acquire more knowledge, even without the interest of becoming rabbis and then one day… IIFRR classes started. There were less than twenty dreamers at the time.

Since then some have left – after all, the journey is hard and requires dedication – others have joined in. By the end of the 2018 we were a cohesive and supportive group of work becoming stronger together. At the beginning of this year, we welcome some more dreamers who join a new class of our journey to Latin America along with Spain and Portugal, where a vibrant, intelligent and self-identifying Reform Judaism flourishes. Beatzlachah!

1. Martin Pussetto, member of the Mishkán community of Buenos Aires.

2. Yohanan Grau member of the Jewish Reform Community of Madrid

3. Florence Davidzon, Argentinian currently living in Mexico.

4. Alejandro Tempelsman, Philosophy student at Buenos Aires.

5. Marina Galimberti, member of the Mishkán community of Buenos Aires.

6. Adriana Finkelstein, member of SIBRA, Porto Alegre

7. Gabriela Glazman, Argentinian lives in Israel, where she coordinates Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement

8. Gabriela Dolinsky, lives in Rio Negro’s province in Argentina.

9. Michael Lacher, Israeli living in Medellín Colombia

10. Adrian Mosquera, Spaniard finishing his PhD in Belgium

11. Nikoleta Chalanouli, Spaniard finishing her PhD in Belgium