Intercommunity Mishloach Manot

Thinking about Purim brings a smile to our faces. After a lot of reflection on how we could mark this event, which is so experiential, we decided to rescue a custom, which year after year, we noticed more dormant: the exchange of Mishloach Manot.

The standardization of what should compose Mishloach Manot, derived from the fear of giving more than I will receive in return, has been running over a tradition with a lot of potential and much needed today; the exchange, in its simplest and purest form, was losing its place for material exchange.

We believe that it is not possible to form a community without creating bonds, and Mishloach Manot comes, above all, as the symbol of exchange, of building a relationship between the communities of UJR-AmLat.

We know that the relationship needs time, and that it is an essential tool to strengthen the region. In establishing relationships, we discover our own Judaism, we experience sensations and emotions, we learn to deal collectively with the challenges and with this Latin look and swing, this project is born. Exchange of Mishloach Manot, based on affective bonds, shared memories, through the rescue of Jewish traditions.

We started the project with many questions and uncertainties, but after all we discovered and had fun connecting with the essence of Purim, we were introduced to a new universe of possibilities and we opened rich and varied paths to continue our relationships in different ways, in addition to the fun, we created endless new possibilities for UJR-AmLat.

All of this was possible, because the communities were incredibly committed and involved and bringing us encouraging feedback, we hope to maintain this exchange.

See each community’s video on the playlist:

Rebeka Anbinder is a collaborator at UJR, where she coordinates the Bat and Bar Mitzvah course for adults, and she also works at the Ieladim department of Congregação Israelita Paulista.

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