Jewish Leadership in the Time Tunnel – A tour from the Holocaust Museum to the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires

Representatives of the different nuclei of Red Judaica and their rabbis, accompanied by the directors of the Museum of the Shoah, made a route specially designed for them.


“Jewish Leadership in the Time Tunnel” consisted of a tour that started at the Holocaust Museum and ended at the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires*. With his focus on Jewish leadership, the experience has taught and inspired the leaders of Judaica Norte, Escuela Arlene Fern, Comunidad NCI – Emanu El, JAG, AKIM, and Templo de Libertad, about the challenges that the mission to continue the legacy of Judaism entails. Our network strengthens the community that, with a millenary past of wisdom, assumes a present that makes a future in what it builds.


*Buenos Aires Jewish Museum: opened in 1967 on the initiative of Dr. Salvador Kibrick, member of the Congregación Israelita de la República Argentina, the first Jewish institution in the country founded in 1862. It is part of the emblematic Templo de la Calle Libertad, declared a National Historic Monument in 2000.

The uniqueness of this museum is to tell the story of Jewish immigration to Argentina. Committed to transmitting what is typical of our people and what is particular to an Argentine Jew, it presents an interactive tour through a permanent collection in dialogue with the present.

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