The Latin American Reform Movement through its central institutions: the Union of Reformist Judaism of Latin America, and Reform Rabbinate of the Argentine Republic, the lberoamerican Institute of Reformist Rabbinical Formation, and Arzenu, declares that:

The Halajá is the text of the Halijá -the walk-, the record of the uses and customs of the different communities at different times and places. We are strongly committed to the study of sources to know and continue with tradition: study, decide our actions and transform them into texts.

Being a Jew is not a blood or genetic issue. Without difference, women and men are images of the divine. Consequently, we consider a Jew to be anyone who, being the son of a Jewish father and / or mother, lives a Jewish life and identifies himself as such. Also, who chooses to be and goes through the corresponding process.

Rituals are means and not ends in themselves. The customs of our people provide the opportunity to celebrate what is meaningful to us.

Our institutions are inclusive and give rise to each individual and their family. That is why we are with the doors open and available to accompany whoever so wishes, receive who wants to add and together give continuity to the shared construction according to our tradition.

Love is not a matter of legislation.