Mishkán Community of Buenos Aires welcomes new rabbi and celebrates 50 years of ordination of Rav Reubén Nisenbom

In a very emotional ceremony, the Mishkán Community of Buenos Aires, an emblematic institution of Reform Judaism in the region, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the ordination of Rabbi Reubén Nisenbom and formally welcomed Rabbi Diego Elman to his rabbinate. The event was attended by Rabbis of different liberal denominations, leaders of other institutions, members of the Beit Din, teachers, graduates and students of the Ibero-American Institute of Reform Rabbinic Training who remained in the city after the Kinus carried out by the previous days to accompany the celebration. Rabbi Damián Karo read from the Torah the verses of the book of Bamidbar in which Moshe transfers leadership from him to Yoshua, as a symbol of the moment that was being lived in Mishkán and Rabbi Roberto Graetz was invited to perform a blessing at the end of the ceremony.


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