Multiple roles, multiple voices: women in action for significative Judaism in Shirat Darom

Speaking about a feminine space, a women’s space is always a challenge and a risk. Therefore, like in Judaism, we want to maintain differences to promote personal growth, the growth of communities and the formation of new connections. We are many, with plans and ideas. Dreams and passions.

Shirat Darom appears to create a network that links 3 states – Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná – to act in different areas with synergy: culture, philanthropy, education, socialization and much more. The seed started with the Shirat Shalom movement (RS) and gained importance during 2020, a year full of challenges and demands.

“The first actions are already in the field – weekly debates on previously selected films – and a joint effort to support Mitzvah Day, with the theme ‘Ledor Vador’, from Generation to Generation. Three states, three generations. A hope: tikun olam” – shares Ethel Scliar (Associação Israelita Catarinense – AIC). 

“This year of 2020, perhaps one of the most difficult years for humanity, the reform women of UJR (WUPJ-AmLat), started a process of unity among all similar communities in Brazil. There were meetings coordinated by Shirat Imaot (Brasília) and Shirat Shalom (Porto Alegre), as well as moments of interaction around Jewish traditions. The meetings aroused the desire for expansion and a sense of community belonging and that is why we created Shirat Darom (Shirat of the South). After all, what we want is to work to ensure that women thrive in all their capacity and inspire new generations”, says Debora Gleiser, chairwoman of Shirat Shalom, from Porto Alegre.

Together with Rivy Plapler and Marcela Thomaz (Associação Israelita Norte-Paranaense – Beit Tikvá), Ethel Scliar (AIC) and Débora Gleiser (SIBRA) they see the regional coalition as an inspiration for other regions of the country.

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