Netzer – Colônia da CIP July 2021

In July, in the Colônia da CIP, we will have the online seasons, or temponlines, at the end of the month! The kvutzot of Nitzanim, Alonim and Sharsheret will have the temponlines on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of July, and the kvutza of Teshug, which is the kvutzah of the pre-Hadrachah age, will have the temponline on the 30th and 31st of July and in the 1st of August. Applications for all ages close on July 1st, and the madrichim and madrichot groups that prepare the temponlines, called chugim, are working at full speed to prepare the best experience for chanichim and chanichot, with several interesting and fun peulot, approaching a variety of themes! Since last semester, we have cultivated the practice of assembling boxes with items relevant to the peulot of the temponlines, in order to enhance the online experience and give chanichim a taste of Colônia, even from a distance. With the permission of CIP and in accordance with strict protocols established for face-to-face meetings, chugim of all kvutzot will meet on the 18th to assemble the boxes, which will be delivered to the home of each registered chanich. The temponlines will premiere on Friday, July 23, with the last Camp Shabbat of the semester, which is being organized by our Judaism Group, a madrichim group whose aim is to put into practice one of the pillars of Colônia da CIP’s ideology, which is Liberal Judaism.

Regarding the second half of the year, we are still not sure how the events will unfold, given the high uncertainty regarding the vaccination schedule in São Paulo, but we hope that there will be an eventual opening to enable face-to-face meetings. Even though we do not know when such a return will take place, we want to be prepared for it. That is why some of our madrichim participate in the CIP Biosafety Commission, which aims to develop efficient protocols for controlled face-to-face meetings in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

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