Netzer – Costa Rica July 2021

Netzer Costa Rica is a Sniff which started to develop in the middle of the pandemic. We have 11 active members. We have had mostly educational activities and peulot via Zoom because of social and health responsibility.

We have two main goals. Because we started this movement from scratch and the only reference we have had is Netzer Veida Olami, from where we got trained how to create a Netzer, strategies to attract people to our sniff, activities, structures and leadership, we decided from the start that our strategy consists in creating leaders, that’s why our structure is conformed only by madrichim for the moment. Our second goal is to create a structure where it is intended to assign roles within the sniff so that every member commits even more to the movement.

We have reached these goals by attending every zoom meeting we can that is developed by Netzer, the different sniffim or guests that teach educational topics, leadership and peulot. We have also attended educational activities and important topics led by UJR to grow in global knowledge. Right now we are compromised on making Tikkun Olam, social responsibility, which is one of our main values as a Sniff. We have created an alliance with CADENA, which is a National Emergency Commission where we are trained to be leaders by assisting to different missions and virtual educational trainings. We have assisted with missions such as: planting trees, cleaning rivers and distributing masks in areas that do not have the resources or adequate information on the importance of their use to avoid getting sick. Right now we went from being volunteers to being appointed humanitarians and our goal is to keep on growing so that Netzer Costa Rica grows as a known progressive juvenile Jewish group in the country that can lead national important missions.

With the help of Netzer, B’nei Israel, the rabbi, Jody and CADENA we have had much support to keep on growing.

Hannah Zango is a 24-year-old leader at Netzer Costa Rica. She brought the movement to Costa Rica and leads its development. Hannah is also an advertising and fashion designer and owns a bikini brand, AGUE’COCO.

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