Participation of the Jewish community in the 19th March of Black Consciousness in São Paulo – Brazil

Participation of the Jewish community in the 19th. Black Consciousness March

(November 20, 2022 at Av Paulista São Paulo – SP)


We’ve been there! This time, assuming our Jewish identity. Jews against Racism!

Itis few branches, because it is mobilized and empowered in the fight against the violence and oppression suffered by black people. In the fight against the structural, religious, environmental, and institutional racism that dominates our country.

It is essential that the struggle of black men and women is constantly remembered. Remembrance feeds the certainty that injustices cannot be repeated. We have deep historical wounds to treat.  400 years of slavery. 134 years since the official abolition. On November 18, the National Day to Combat Racism was celebrated on November 20, black consciousness day, 2022 we celebrate 10 years of the Quota Law, a milestone of the rights of reparatory the rich history of blacks, browns, indigenous peoples, but still insufficient to respond to so many injustices and inequalities.

Representatives of Jewish youth movements, religious entities, representative entities, rabbis, and activists. Jews. We were all together in a space of creation, convivence, the solidarity of human values, social participation, and change, from the construction of affection and empathy.

Blacks and Jews are the many stories rich in discrimination processes and our tradition impels us to resist the fight against racism and all other forms of discrimination. In the fight for freedom and equality. In the fight against antisemitism and in the fight against the rise of neo-Nazi movements that are on the rise in this country. We know that a truly just society must eliminate the system of oppression that subalterns and dehumanizes people. Whether they are black, Jewish, gypsies, indigenous, LGBTQIAP+, and other groups.

Let us all together recover, strengthen, and focus on the creation of affirmative public policies of racial equality, combating racism and all forms of discrimination. We will all contribute to the formulation of educational content that prepares the new generations for a true commitment to appreciation and respect for diversity.

With racism, there is no guarantee of rights for anyone!


Ruth Goldberg, a social entrepreneur, and master’s student in Social Change and Political Participation is the founder of the Atid Association, director of the Physis Institute, director of the Brazil-Israel Institute, director of CONIB, member of the Council of the Elos Institute, deputy consultant of IDIS.

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