Rabbis from the Reform Rabbinical Council of Brazil perform Beit Din in the Jewish community of Natal, Brazil

The Rabbis of the Reform Rabbinical Council of Brazil constituted the Beit Din of the Centro Israelita do Rio Grande do Norte, in Natal, on December 5, 2023. The CIP and SIBRA synagogues were responsible for teaching classes to students who studied for more than a year. Rabbis Sternschein, Kwasniewski, Lam, Myara, Cohen, Edelheit and Eisencraft participated in the Batei Din. Rabbis Sternschein and Kwasniewski were in person for the tevilah, which was held on Ponta Negra beach. The rabbis took advantage of the short trip to meet with community authorities, strengthen ties and plan future actions. The new members of the people of Israel showed a high level of knowledge and commitment to Jewish practices. It was a landmark moment for all parties involved in this process.

We wish Mazal tov to the Natal city community!

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