Devarim magazine #38 was in the mail for its subscribers before Pesach. One of the themes of the magazine is the analysis of the work of the late Israeli writer Amos Oz, a major figure in the formation of modern Zionist thought.

Devarim also translated an article from JTA on the monumental work of Robert Alter, who translated the entire Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) into English literarily.

Pesach was focused by texts of babbi Sérgio Margulies and Ricardo Gorodovits. Rabbi Dario Bialer wrote about the dilemma of continuity for assimilation, based on the Israeli series Shitsel.

The historical revival of the Jewish language – Hebrew – in the modern State of Israel was addressed in a text by Ruth Josephson and Marcia Rozenthal highlighted an interesting curiosity in the relationship between Hebrew and feminism.

Is peace possible? If more initiatives like Givat Haviva, which was visited by Rafael Stern especially for Devarim, thrive in the world, there is a great chance for it to prevail. At the same time, Hernán Rustein, a rabbinical student at the Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education, approached the thought of Buber, Levinas, Arendt and Scholem.

Together we have another edition of great value for all those who are interested in Judaism under Reform, Zionist, inclusive and egalitarian religious view.