Shirat Shevat: 21st Century Women and the State of the Art of their Challenges

The purpose of bringing together Jewish communities from different places with themes of repairing the world (tikkun olam) and strengthening our cultural roots is a possibility thanks to the social ties that are being created remotely with the help of technology. The idea was realized with the joint efforts of Ana Casado (Maceió), Jacqueline Moreno (Salvador) and Lívia Carneiro (Belo Horizonte).

The Zoom* meetings will be bimonthly and the next meeting will be on March 14, Sunday, at 5 pm, with the participation of Jews from three generations and states: filmmaker Marccela Moreno (Rio de Janeiro), journalist Gioconda Brasil (Brasília) and Vice President of UJR-Amlat Miriam Vasserman (São Paulo). The theme will be “Women of the 21st Century and the State of the Art of its Challenges”. Violence against women and the importance of the cooperation and sorority network will be some points of convergence of dialogues.

The short film “The Loudest Silence” by the director Marccela Moreno will also be discussed, which reveals violence against women in a structural way. Just access for free:

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