Templo Libertad welcomes Rabbi Abby Stein, activist for trans inclusion in the Jewish community

Earlier this month, on August 19, Templo Libertad was honored with the illustrious visit of Rabbi Abby Stein. Abby is the author of “Becoming Eve,” a book in which she describes two transitions she underwent: she went from being a Hasidic Orthodox rabbi living as a man in a closed New York community to being a famous female writer and speaker.

On her visit to the Temple, on Kabbalat Shabbat, Abby gifted us with a drashah. She emphasized that Judaism is not about forbidding us from being who we are; instead, it should help us find out who we really are.

During her visit, Abby was able to connect with JAG (Gay Argentinian Jews), and fostered a series of social gatherings which gave strength to her tour in the country. Among others, she met with the families of Rabbi Hernán Rustein, Rabbi Damián Karo, Gustavo Michanie, and Romina Charur. The executive director of UJR-AmLat, David Britva Beraha, was also present during his vacation in Buenos Aires.

You can watch the entire Kabbalat Shabbat service and the words of Rabbi Stein in the YouTube channel of Templo Libertad: https://youtu.be/Hcua1DiBXd4

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