The central institutions of reformist Judaism repudiate the appearance of posters threatening the life of Mrs. Patricia Bullrich, Minister of Security of the Nation and Rabbi Sergio Bergman, Secretary of the Government of Environment and Sustainable Development.

We sympathize with them and their loved ones in the face of such a serious event. We are concerned about intimidation and we warn about the risk of naturalizing or downplaying violent statements and hate speech. Our millenary tradition warns us to remain silent in the face of any expression that endangers our neighbor (Leviticus 19: 15-16) and history requires us to raise our voice as condemnation, but also to assume the commitment to support those who propose dialogue, peace and justice as a flag.

The construction of a mature society demands that those who defend plurality and difference as wealth embrace responsibly those who are victims of hatred and vehemently reject those who oppose the values ​​of democracy.