The Jewish Academy is born!

What for nine months was a project conceived within the Congregação Israelita Paulista (CIP), today is a reality. The Jewish Academy was born with a proposal for continuing education unprecedented in Brazil. It is about “building a new place, not to bring Jews to Judaism, but to bring Judaism to Jews” – described Ruth Calderón during the launching Symposium, which took place on February 13th.

We understand that there is a cultural and spiritual wealth in this ancient wisdom that needs to be available also to Portuguese-speakers, taking into account the stage at which each person is in their personal development cycle. Therefore, the Academy will bring the depth and news of the academic world and advanced studies of all times, in a clear, dynamic language and accessible to all profiles, with state-of-the-art technology and a methodology that privileges relationship and interaction of the content with the participant. This is the Jewish method of knowledge construction – the dialogic method.

The more than 1200 subscribers, from the most diverse corners of the country (and the world), already give us an idea of ​​the size of our responsibility. ARI, UNIVRI and ACIB – communities affiliated to the UJR-AmLat – have already formalized a partnership with the Jewish Academy, and its members, as well as CIP members, already enjoy a 50% discount on all courses. And CIP takes with seriousness and commitment the challenge of supporting communities in offering Jewish knowledge that reflects on the ties that unite us as a people, with our sources and with the land of Israel.

In addition to the courses offered at our “Casa do Saber Judaico”, the Academy also offers space for the construction of peer communities, to welcome professionals by training niche. In each of these Professional Chavurot, Judaism can prove to be relevant to their careers, as an alternative interpretive lens for understanding the dilemmas faced in the work of doctors, lawyers, writers, psychologists, and so many other niches that are already in constitution process.

The first three courses are open for enrollment and classes start next week. Visit to learn about the schedule and sign up!

Ruben Sternschein serves at CIP as rabbi and executive director of the Jewish Academy.

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