The reform youth in Latin America in 2022



After two years without face-to-face activities, we were finally able to go back and live these five days together at Avanhandava’s Summer Camp. It was a great process of remembering traditions and preparing peulot for more than 50 chanichim.

In addition to the peulot for each kvutzah, we built joint moments with all the chanichim, such as our remarkable Shabbat, in which we brought together the different ideological bases and reflected on the parashah Balak, which refers to the prayer “Ma Tovu”, which served perfectly for we mix Scouting, Girl Scouting, and Reform Judaism to talk about tents. We built a tent and held the ceremony inside it, creating an atmosphere of lots of music, art, and challah made by the chanichim and parashah theatre.

We end these five magical days with our traditional Campfire, which is a campfire closing, where the chanichim present skits, play games, and also honour people who stood out during this week.

It was and still is very exciting to be able to return to the normality of the milestones within the tnuah and this camp only served to further increase this “flame” within the entire community.


Hanaga of Avanhandava


Colônia da CIP

During the month of July, we had the seasons of Colônia da CIP, one of the snifim of Netzer Brasil. They are divided into 4 different groups, namely Nitzanim, with chanchim from 7 to 9 years old, Alonim, from 10 to 12 years old, Sharsheret, post bar- and bat-mitzvah up to 15 years, and lastly, Teshug who are our chanichim from the pre hadrash.

Within these 4 groups, with a new project brought in, 10 kvutzot, now named, enjoyed the days in their respective machanot. In Nitza we had Metukim, Chamudim and Yecarim. In Alonim, Shutafim, Amitzim and Alufim. In Sharsheret, Kochavim, and Chazakim. Everyone had the chance to enter the immersion that is our peulot and sacred and traditional moments of our tnuá.

Each season has a theme that will be worked on throughout its days and in addition, there is an Educational Tochnit with themes that must also be worked on throughout the seasons.

After 2 years of a pandemic, we had a small drop in the number of chanichim. But even so, we had in total more than 110 chanichim and 47 madrichim involved in this movement.

It was a great way to end this semester and we are looking forward to finding out what awaits us in the next semester.


Yasmin Nudelman is Rosh Chinuch and Arthur Freudenthal is Rosh Ksharim from Colônia da CIP.



Netzer Costa Rica


Netzer Costa Rica is a small Snif but it has achieved a notable growth. In charge of 5 madrichim and approximately 20 chanichim.


This summer we had several activities. Taglit Birthright Summer 2022 was one of our biggest events this season, where we attended 2 of our chanichim and one of our madrichot, in charge of Hannah Zango as madricha (mazkira from Netzer Costa Rica). It was a very successful event, as our chanichim were able to develop their ties with Israel and with young people from other countries such as: Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia and Nicaragua.


Also one of our madrichim (Joel Zango) was present at the Seminario ConecSión in Argentina, where there were several topics, like the issue of Antisemitism in Latin American countries. Our madrich was the representative of Netzer Costa Rica and the young leader of the B’nei Israel community.


On the other hand, our main event will take place from July 28 to July 31. The first seminar in Central America where the current mazkirim are Netzer Olami (Jason and Rachel) will deliver a seminar with the organization of Hannah, for Netzer Costa Rica, with special guests from Guatemala.


We are very excited and happy for these new opportunities so that our Snifim grow and that more young people feel identified with our movement. We hope to have other important projects this summer!


Hannah Zango Bulgarelli

Mazkira by Netzer Costa Rica

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