UJR-AmLat at Connections 2021

Check out the participations of people from our region at Connections 2021, the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) global conference.

Rabino Sergio Bergman
STATEMENT | The WUPJ Stands with Israel https://youtu.be/HR5HutJecIA
SESSION: Jewish Citizenship | Israelis by Choice https://youtu.be/GyFpMYh9jMg
SESSION | ZOOM: Rabbi Sergio Bergman – Talk Back (Israeli’s by Choice) https://youtu.be/1YbSESxTJYo
SESSION | PREMIER EVENT: Rabbi Bergman’s Vision for the WUPJ https://youtu.be/wCnjQsJ2V9Y
SESSION | ZOOM: Rabbi Sergio Bergman – Talk Back (Vision of WUPJ) https://youtu.be/81F3y36xLqQ
Greatest Music of All Time Podcast with Tom Cridland | Interview with Rabbi Sergio Bergman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5-4QSOPqjU

Miriam Vasserman: SESSION | ZOOM: Saltz Alumni Pre-Conference https://youtu.be/59pOTbIPfto

Fernando Lottenberg: SESSION: Antisemitism – Where in the World Are We? https://youtu.be/rCOy-G6ruPQ

Rabino Ruben Sternschein: SESSION: From Messianism to Tikun | Reform Visions of a Better Future for the Self and Humanity https://youtu.be/g4cmohTzVC4

Rabino Damian Karo: SESSION: Progressive Halakhah https://youtu.be/VzPpFND0dkE

SESSION | ZOOM: Shacharit – Latin American Adult B’nei Mitzvah Service https://youtu.be/vDZHt5EYJVw

Daniel Weiss e Pablo Schejtman: SESSION | ZOOM: Comunidades en Tiempos de COVID-19: Desafíos y Propuestas https://youtu.be/qc_r3cYXVV8

Sessão Informal: SESSION | ZOOM: Central American/Caribbean Communities https://youtu.be/Z-JGew5VGsQ

SESSION: Kabbalat Shabbat Service (North & South America) https://youtu.be/NTt-brJ61gQ

SESSION: Shacharit Service (North & South America) https://youtu.be/vThFUTCg8Pw

SESSION: Torah Study with Rabbi Roberto Graetz https://youtu.be/hsNUHCv3vRs

SESSION: Torah Study with Student Rabbi Andrea Kulikovsky https://youtu.be/-6qhz6Hye_Q

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