Conselho Rabínico Reformista do Brasil

The Conselho Rabínico Reformista do Brasil (Reform Rabbinical Council of Brazil) is the entity that unites the rabbis affiliated to the Reform Movement in Brazil.

Founded in 2020, it has the goal of orienting the Brazilian Reform Movement in religious matters, developing a more just and loving point of view towards the other, creating ways that orient towards merit, to the fulfillment of mitzvot and to the building of more inclusive and welcoming communities, and also preparing the field for the next generation of Reform rabbis in Brazil.

Since 1 Tishrei 5781, it is presided by rabbi Sérgio Margulies (ARI – Rio de Janeiro), and the vice-presidency is under rabbi Uri Lam (Congregação Beth-El – São Paulo).

Members of the Council:
Rabbi Sérgio Margulies (ARI – Rio de Janeiro) – President
Rabbi Uri Lam (Congregação Beth-El – São Paulo) – Vice-President
Rabbi Guershon Kwasniewski (SIBRA – Porto Alegre)
Rabbi Dr Joseph Edelheit (AINP Beit Tikvá – Maringá)
Rabbi Lucca Myara (CIM – Belo Horizonte)
Rabbi Rogerio Cukierman (CIP – São Paulo)
Rabbi Dr Ruben Sternschein (CIP – São Paulo)
Rabbi Tamara Schagas (CIP – São Paulo)

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