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Tikun leil Shavuot at the Institute

First Ibero-American Tikun. With the participation of the reformist communities of the region. We are waiting for you on June 8th at 10.00 pm at the Central Headquarters of the Institute, Sucre 1420, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and by streaming.

UJR-AmLat, you are at home

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The Union for Reform Judaism for Latin America is the regional chapter of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the most developed Jewish movement in the world that focuses its practices on the Jewish tradition, on respect for human rights, pluralism, equality and inclusion.

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Reform' Archive

Progressive Bereshit: The Pittsburgh Platform

In 1885, a score of progressive rabbis, led by Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler, laid the foundations of the reform movement in the United States. Among other definitions, they declared their commitment to social action, the compatibility between Jewish tradition and science and they eliminated the kashrut and the ritual use of the kippa.

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News from the UJR-AmLat

Find out everything that happens in the communities and institutions making up the Union for Reform Judaism in Latin America network

May 15 2019

Welcome Beth El Congregation, São Paulo!

Being one of the oldest Congregations in Latin America preserves its history and traditions and embraces the community of São Paulo promoting a current, inclusive and pluralistic Judaism.

May 15 2019

Pesach Celebration in Latin America

Hundreds of families belonging to all the reformist communities of Latin America shared the Pesach Seder with the same intention: to build a freer and more inclusive Judaism in the region.

April 5 2019

30 years of WOW Nashot HaKotel

WOW can mean something amazing as well as the act of resilience. The two meanings apply perfectly to the mission of Women of the Wall (WOW).

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We grow together

The UJR-AmLat is the regional arm of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the most global widespread Jewish movement on the planet. You and your community can join us.

WUPJ in numbers

45 countries with progressive congregations
1.800.000 people affiliated to regional movements of the WUPJ worldwide
1.200 reformist congregations around the world;
16.000 Netzer Olami´s participants, the youth movement of the WUPJ
45.000 families benefited through the pluralistic program of Jewish Studies in schools
70.000 people participating in educational and cultural programs at the Mercaz Shimshon / Beit Shmuel in Jerusalem.


Articles, reflections and statements

Study and teach, learn and pass on: Jewish life and community construction make focus on the text, the word and the debate from generation to generation.

Rabbis’ and new Jewish leaders’ education and training

REFORM Institute

The UJR-AmLat together with Judaica Foundation and Mishkan Jewish Spirituality Center, launch this project that will allow the growth of inclusive communities to generate receptive frameworks that will guarantee the future of Ibero-American Judaism for the next generations.


Regional meetings, face-to-face courses, distance study and field work.


Composed of reform rabbis of our region and academicians of the Jewish world.


To complete rabbinical studies visiting reform communities in Israel.


The Institute already has students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico.

14 May

16 May
Future Event

Buenos Aires 2020

Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina

One year remains for the 7th Meeting of the Union of Reform Judaism in Latin America. Save the date on your calendar. The regional movement has an appointment to strengthen ties, celebrate achievements, review the present and think, among all, the objectives that guide the way to the future of progressive Latin American Judaism.

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