Sifriá – The Book Club

The Sifriá book club was created with the intent of sharing readings, experiences and reflections that may inspire in ourselves a relationship of greater intimacy with Jewish culture, by trying to enrich the way we live our religious belonging.

Since we began, in July 2021, we’ve already discussed the books “Jews and Words”, by Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger; the work, written as a dialogue between father and daughter, offers us a series of meditations upon the role of words throughout Jewish history.

We read, as well, the novel “The Plot Against America”, by Philip Roth. This was an attempt for us to understand the trauma of the Holocaust as a non-lived, or only indirectly lived, experience. To talk about the Holocaust in the works of Philip Roth, we invited researcher Isadora Sinay, specialist in the author’s life and work. 

Some events of our book club, such as the participation of writers and experts on Jewish studies, will be available shortly on Spotify, as a podcast, in partnership with the Afinidades Eletivas project.

As to allow participation of members of Reform Jewish communities throughout Brazil, our book club meetings happen online, once a month, always on Sundays. Before each meeting, the club members receive an exclusive booklet, lovingly prepared by us at UJR.

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Juliana de Albuquerque is a writer, PhD student in German Philosophy and Literature by University College Cork, and master in Philosophy by Tel Aviv University.

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